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Hai Q. Nguyen Esq.

Branch Manager | Hanoi Office

With more than 20 years’ experience in hydro power development, oil and gas, maritime equipment, insurance, finance and project financing and laws, Mr. Hai can be said to be a well-trained professional in the fields as said. Some key projects can be listed as follows:

  • Building the financial options for upgrading project of the control system for Hoa Binh Hydro Power Plant, using the mixed credit program from Switzerland. It is known as mixed credit, because 50% thereof is non-refundable loan from the Swiss Government and the rest is the commercial loan at very low rate from the private sector. This loan is handed over to a state-owned bank to run for an enterprise who wants to use it to re-borrow therefrom at about 1% or 2% per year. To use this financing source, the project should be evaluated by an independent consultant to see if it is worth using the loan;
  • Participate in construction of the bidding document for rehabilitation project of Dray
  • H’Ling Hydro Power Plant, using the loan from German Government via KfW, the reconstruction bank in Germany. Similar to the mixed credit program, the project to be financed is evaluated by an independent consultant to see if it is worth using the loan;
  • Participate in construction of the bidding documents for new construction of Ry Ninh 2 Hydro Power Plant and Na Loi Hydro Power Plant;
  • Draft Contract on Supply of Crude Oil Transfer Pumps and Ancillary Services for the White Tiger Platform;
  • Participate in setting up insurance coverage for Bong Mieu and Phuoc Son Gold Mining Companies;
  • Participate in setting up insurance coverage for Bee Logistics Company;
  • Participate in construction of bidding document for Bao Minh Insurance JSC in fire and explosion insurance for the metropolitan railway project of Hanoi;
  • Participate in popularization of the software system for car collision insurance developed by Audatex (USA);
  • Participate in the project of optimization of profitability for Nam Cuong Haiphong Hotel;
  • Evaluate the Reseller Agreement between VCG and Really English;
  • Deal with the commercial dispute over the unpaid amount of the two foreign companies.
  • Co-ordinate with LBBW, a German Bank, in arranging the financing for a wind power project employed by Bao Viet in form of ECA (Export Credit Agreement), via Hermes framework



  • MBA Degree – Solvay Business School (Belgium)
  • Graduate Diploma in English Teaching – TESOL Center, University of Canberra (Australia)
  • LLB Degree – Hanoi Law University


Professional Certificates

  • Certificate for Insurance Business – Center for insurance Business Control and Training (MOF)
  • Certificate for Lawyer Training – Hanoi Juridical Academy (MOJ)
  • Certificate for Lawyer Practice – MOJ
  • Lawyer License – Lawyer Federation of Vietnam
  • Certificate for in-country training on US Patent


Practice Areas

  • Investment
  • Corporation
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Insurance
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