Recently, VCI Legal received a number of client complaints about a Facebook page named Luat Su Thai Duong (Facebook link: Duong-231399566949069/?mibextid=LQQJ4d) using VCI Legal’s image and information without VCI Legal permission to advertise services to assist victims of online scams to get their money back with no fees if unsuccessfully, as shown below:

In addition, through verifying the information provided by clients, we discovered that the “Luat Su Thai Duong” Facebook page also faked the power of attorney with the seal of VCI Legal, and the signature of Lawyer David Oh – the leader of VCI Legal’s dispute resolution team.

We hereby WARN the clients as follows:

  1. The advertising information on the Luật Sư Thái Dương” Facebook page is fake, illegal, unauthorized, and untrue. VCI Legal is taking legal measures to handle the “Luật Sư Thái Dương” Facebook page’s acts of impersonating VCI Legal to defraud clients in accordance with the law.
  2. The Clients:
    1. DO NOT provide any personal information, images, accounts, or personal phone numbers to the “Luật Sư Thái Dương” Facebook page or anyone claiming to be an employee or lawyer of VCI Legal;
    2. DO NOT sign on contracts, power of attorney, or documents provided by these people, and DO NOT transfer money to forgers and scammers.

In case of the “Luật Sư Thái Dương” Facebook page or someone claiming to be an employee or lawyer of VCI Legal, please notify us by phone number: 028 38272029 or email:

  1. VCI Legal does not bear any responsibility or liability related to the agreements and documents between the clients and the “Luật Sư Thái Dương” Facebook page or responsibility in settling complaints, lawsuits, and related disputes with those who impersonate VCI Legal’s employees, lawyers.
  2. In case you need legal assistance, please contact us through the following official channels of VCI Legal:

(i) Official website of VCI Legal:

(ii) Official Facebook of VCI Legal:

(iii) Phone number: 028 38272029 or email:

(iv) Or contact VCI Legal directly at Park 7 Suite 4205, Vinhomes Central Park, No. 208 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Best regards,



Phung Anh Tuan – Managing Partner



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